How to Pick The Best Herb Grinder

How to Pick The Best Herb Grinder

How to pick the Best Herb Grinder

Okay, so you are probably here because you want to find out how to pick the best herb grinder. If you want to save time either click on the link or check our Amazon Herb Grinder Listing  If you want to be a nerd like I am stay tuned and we will tell you exactly our findings and how we created what we call the best herb grinder in the world…. Right puffery talk but no, seriously.

What makes a Herb Grinder Good?

When we asked people just like you looking for a reliable herbal grinder. We had different opinions on what they thought made a herb grinder a great grinder. From the many responses we got people stated they wanted a portable grinder, some said the durability. We got many responses we categorized down to couple.

Things to consider when looking for the best grinder.

  • Price
  • Material
  • Features
  • Portability
  • Easiness to Clean
  • Style
  • Size

Lets dive right into it!

So when we conducted this survey we really didn’t think we will get so many responses and opinions. Originally when was born we were only in this business for Affiliate Marketing and soon we found out it was a great business and this was an industry where we can improve. We launched our first grinder and it was a success we got featured on for the top 15 best grinders we thought that was cool! Alright, Alright we aren’t here to find the history about GreenGrinders,

So one of the sensitive factors that turns on or off someone from a certain grinder is PRICE.  Building a favorite herb grinder can be difficult when you have a certain price range to meet.  A herb grinder company usually starts with surveying consumers. We surveyed 140 consumers just like you and we found out a lot of things that we didn’t even consider.  We asked a majority of questions and price was one of them. Beginning with price we surveyed people about the price range with likert survey style STRONGLY AGREE or STRONGLY DISAGREE rate. The question was is PRICE a thing that ultimately you think about when deciding to purchase a grinder and we received a big fat YES. Almost 95% answered strongly Agree to this.

Material is also another key factors when deciding a herb grinder fit. People complained some herb grinders such as acrylic / plastic grinders sometimes the teeth of the grinder break and actually get into your grounded herb. This can be a huge problem especially if you are using grinders to grind tobacco into finer pieces and I don’t think you want plastic in your grinder! We found out an aluminum grinder is the most preferred grinder! Guess what our Herb Grinder we choose an Aluminum CNC material! GreenGrinders chooses the best!

Features some of the features people liked about grinders is it must have a magnetic piece to avoid spills, its messy trying to clean up ground herb all over your carpet, the people who did not include to have a magnetic grinder decided they wouldn’t mind if it came with it! So with this information we decided this was a must have feature to put into our grinder to make it the best grinder.

Portability While some people opted in for small or large grinders, we decided a 2.5″ grinder design is perfect! It is large enough to ground your herb without having to keep replenishing the herb.

Easiness to Clean This was another important factor choosing Aluminum killed two birds with one stone. With an Aluminum grinder you can throw it in boiling water and let it clean for couple seconds, some people also froze grinders. You can find out on Google!

Style? Yes, style matters too. We don’t want a ugly looking design, we choose a Black Grinder because its beautiful. Go ahead and purchase your grinder today!

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