How to Clean your Herb Grinder

How to Clean your Herb Grinder

For most; they go without thinking twice that herb grinders need maintenance. You just come home after hours of hard work you grab your favorite spices 😉 grind it up and let your favorite handy herb grinder do its job. The only problem is after weeks and months of doing this you notice your favorite weed grinder is now slowly becoming less smooth after much use. From different types of grinders out there, Plastic, Aluminum even Titanium they all start having the same effect. They start spinning a little bit harder each time when all the sticky gunk stick to the walls of your grinder.

Cleaning Your Herb Grinder for the first time.

We will assume you have our baddass 4 piece herb grinder by GreenGrinders (If you don’t have It yet, you are missing out, SERIOUSLY!)  Most grinders now days are couple stages and have multi-pieces. We will assume you have a 4 piece grinder design.

The first step is to disassemble your Herbal Crusher.

After disassembling your herb grinder, Clean it with some rubbing alcohol ( If you don’t have it go to your favorite 99 cent store and pick it up there )  Use Q-Tips, dip it into your rubbing alcohol. After, rub the Q-Tips on your herb grinder to get around sticky corners (ahhh get it.. ) Using Q-Tips this will help you get the gunkout with little to no effort.  After applying these steps few times, rinse thoroughly with warm water and then dry it with some paper towels.

Cleaning Grinder – Freezing Method

That dirty herb grinder can be easily conditioned back to the brand new days. One of the methods is Freezing. The way you do this is to simply disassemble your grinder, run it through some water then simply grab a tray and set all your pieces inside and place it in the freezer. After about an hour it should be ready for removal and ready for the next process!

Now that your grinder is very cold! Becareful handling this, we don’t want you getting frostbites. You will notice when you start tapping the herb grinder upside down onto a paper towel all the residue will start falling onto your paper towl. (This is what we want). You can go a complete step forward and grab a old toothbrush you don’t use and clean it with that soft bristles will help clean it to perfection.

Cleaning Extends Lifespan

Cleaning your grinder like you did today will help you keep your herb grinder spinning longer. It is important to get a great herb grinder and grabbing a Herb Grinder from will insure your herb grinder spinning if anything prevents grinding a simple warranty claim and you will have yourself a new grinder if you meet the requirements!

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