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Should you buy Acrylic Grinders?

If you are debating on buying a Acrylic Weed Grinder check this article out. Here are the top things to know before purchasing a Acrylic grinder. We will warn you about all the possible dangers that can be caused by using a cheap grinder.

#1 Reason is their Teeth is easily breakable.
Plastic grinders are not durable like aluminum and other types of grinders. So when attempting to cut up herb some stems tend to break the teeth which gets into your cannabis. Missing teeth is linked to a poor quality grinding and your herb won’t be grinded up correctly.

#2 Toxic Plastic
Mentioned above, acrylic is fragile and just enough force between a stem of the herb and a cheap acrylic teeth can be dangerous. The teeth will break and plastic will be inside the grinder.

#3 Poorly Made
These types of grinders are made to be only for one time use and not intended to be your main grinder. These are cheap grinders which are found in local smoke shops.

So now that you are more educated about grinders. Save yourself the headache and invest into a quality herb grinder that will last you years to come. Many Weed Grinders can be found on the homepage, With our top picks professionally reviewed and tested.

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