stoner gift ideas
Posted by rigzl | May 16, 2018
Top 3 gift Ideas for stoners!

Getting a gift for someone is hard and frustrating. One thing that makes it easier is if they are stoners! Here are the top ten gift ideas for stoner lovers....

Posted by rigzl | March 11, 2018
Top 3 Favorite Stash Box

  While almost everyone smokes weed there are some who may still need to be hiding their habits from some people. If you live with your parents this is especially...

Posted by rigzl | March 11, 2018
How to get rid of Weed Smell!

  We have all been there. There is no shame to it! On a Sunday afternoon, you busted out your bad ass high quality grinder and you roll up a dubey....

Posted by rigzl | March 6, 2018
Grinders 101

Talking about smoking accessories, reduced that comes to my mind is whether smoking should be promoted or banned. How many smokers really care? None, I suppose, including me. Smoking is...

Posted by rigzl | March 6, 2018
So whats the top Marijuana Grinder?

Something you can invariably find in every marijuana smoker's pocket is weed grinding machine.It is necessity for every new age smoker.There are many types of herb grinders used to crush...

Posted by rigzl | March 6, 2018
Best Cannabis Grinders

A Herb Grinder is very useful. There are many types of herbal grinders too. They make for great gifts for potheads too! You perhaps get them in electric, wood, metal and...

Posted by rigzl | March 6, 2018
Should you buy Acrylic Grinders?

If you are debating on buying a Acrylic Weed Grinder check this article out. Here are the top things to know before purchasing a Acrylic grinder. We will warn you about all...

Posted by rigzl | March 6, 2018
Our Grinders Are Badass

So we were told that our Marijuana Grinders are badass in this guide you will find out important things before buying a grinder. Overall this blog post was just to...

Clean your weed grinder
Posted by rigzl | March 6, 2018
How to clean your badass grinder!

So now that you purchased your GreenGrinders marijuana grinder, you have probably fell in love with this thing. You noticed your grinder became a little sticky after many seshs, while...

Pothead gift guide ideas
Posted by rigzl | March 6, 2018
Best Birthday Gift Guide for Potheads

We have all been there. Looking for a gift to buy, just don't know what. Fortunately you have people like us at GreenGrinders to help with a quick pothead gift guide Alright...

Wooden Marijuana Grinder
Posted by rigzl | March 6, 2018
Wooden Weed Grinder

  Wooden weed grinders have been out for a while now, while we don't prefer wooden weed grinders because it tends to break apart easily, we are on a mission...