Masterdam Green Grinder

GET THE PERFECT GRIND – Masterdam’s Razor Sharp Curved Teeth Shred & Fluff your Herb with Ease, while precisely sized hole pattern ensures a consistent, perfect grind. You will LOVE using this grinder!

If you are looking for a grinder that grinds super easily and to an even fluffy consistency then your search is over! That’s because our product has very sharp grinding teeth that are perfectly positioned to grind every type of herb, from the lightest herb to the densest one with a few easy twists. The fine herb this grinder produces will burn more efficiently and you will get the maximum result.

NO CHANCE FOR SPILLS. This grinder catches every particle of spice that you are grinding. You will have the ability to consume it all with our unique design, strong magnetic lid, wide top, sharp teeth and wide openings for easy filtering and cleaning. Over time this will lead to extra spice saving money and time along the way. 

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2.5`` Aluminum - Aerospace Aluminum Quality
  • 4 Piece Grinder
  • Pollen Scraper
  • Carrying Pouch
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Each grinder is backed with a 1 year limited warranty.

Carrying Pouch

Each grinder comes with a carrying pouch, to safely carry your grinder.

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Herb Grinders
2.5″ 4 Piece High Quality Airspace Grade Aluminum Herb Grinder – Green Grinder

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What is the Best Herb Grinder?

Above you will find a chart which show’s our top best grinder picks on the market. These grinders have a balance of quality materials, grinding ability and value. Now days there are many, many grinders to choose from and thus we have listed a bit more than the top 4, which you can take a look from.

What eliminates our competitors of Herb grinder reviews? Unlike the others, we actually have owned these herb grinders and tested each one multiple times, which can eliminate the guess work and ensure the quality of the grinder.

We are #1 for Best Herb Grinders, and Herb Grinder for a reason, why will we be #1 If we didn’t have the best audience shares and reviews. Help yourself and stay away from the other sites. What is a herb grinder?

Why purchase a grinder online and not at your smoke shop down the street? Switching to making your accessory purchases online can save a good amount of money.  Smoke shops sell grinders like a middle man, they mark up your grinder so they can make a couple bucks off of you as well.


What is a Herb grinder?

First off you may ask what is a grinder. You can find out what is a herb grinder in this website and get a more detailed look at it. But it basically is a herbal grinder, which also is called herb grinder. Is a pocket sized device with sharp teeth that can grind up herb, or other legal smoking content into smaller materials. This device usually has between 1, up too 3 storages and is made of metal, acrylic or wood.

In the old stone age people would “grind” their herb with scissors or fingers to grind it up, which lead to inefficiency.

When shopping for a grinder, one must look into how many grinding teeth it has, number of pieces a grinder has, the quality and other sorts of things.


What are the differences between 1, up to 3 Grinders Compartment?

  • Single compartment herb / grinders have one compartment which the herb is placed, crushed, and finally the final results grinded. (This results the ground herb might be inconsistent in size. Trying to take the grinded herb off the teeth might sometimes be also challenging.


  • Double compartment herb grinders is almost the same as the above, however it comes with a second storage which has holes which restricts what kind of size herb can through the holes. This allows the herbs to be more consistent in size and overall better. This also makes it way easier to retrieve the grinded herb.


  • Three compartment herb grinders have additional spaces where there is a screen separating it from the second storage compartment. This 3rd compartment is for Pollen to be placed. Each time you use this grinder it will slowly fill up, after 30 sessions this will have enough Pollen accumulated and can smoke which is very potent.

Prices for these grinders go up according to how many compartments you get. Grabbing a Grinder that has four compartments will be much more expensive than the 2 compartment grinders and etc. However we recommend more expensive herb grinders because later on you benefit from the Pollen which is very amazing 😉

Grinder Materials

(How does materials affect the grinder?, here’s how 😉)

Acrylic Herb Grinders

This is by far the worst grinder ever. These types of grinders are usually only a buck or two. This grinder is meant to be a cheap alternative if you forgot your legit herb grinder at home. After excess use of the acrylic herb grinder you end up having small bits of the acrylic in your herb which is very dangerous. (It’s meant to be used only few times and tossed away)

Acrylic herb grinders are usally two piece grinders which means your Pollen goes bye bye per use. We highly say stay away from these types of grinders. Don’t be cheap, let your herb sesh be higher quality by investing in a better herb herb grinder.

Wood Herb Grinder

Wood herb grinders are very natural looking. For those of you hippies this is a cool buy! However, this good looking grinder comes with a cost. Usually these are available in only 1 compartment types. And as we previously told you guys that this will mean you won’t get any Pollen grinder action, which means it will go to waste! Wooden grinders just can’t store pollen.

When Purchasing a wooden grinder keep in mind these few things. Make sure the grinder does not have any paint or any other finishes done inside of the grinder. Remember, that the teeth inside is not always sharp, which means a poor job in grinding the herb.

But as always, On the other hand; some people really admire the natural herb herb grinder look. So you can attract your friends and have a cool sesh. Happy Hippys!


Metal Grinder

Metal herb grinders are made of aluminum, those which say are made of titanium, let’s have a look at the raw costs of these types of materials. A titanium material is around $7 per pound vs aluminum which is under a $1 per pound. Majority who claim they are titanium only gave titanium coating.

Can Aluminum be dangerous, Is this type of material safe? YES its very safe! There are many types of aluminum materials which we probably have laying around our home, like aluminum water containers, Which is very great for the GYM keeps the water cool! But also aluminum herb grinders which majority of us are looking for haha. Claims that say aluminum’s are bad is completely false.

We highly recommend you invest in these kinds of metal herb grinders.


Grinder Teeth, the more the better!

The best herb grinders will over 50 teeth for a regular size grinder (2.5” diameter size herb grinders) Less grinders will have 25 teeth which is about half. The more grinding teeth equals, more grinded and finer ground herb. The more ground herb the better experience when smoking and/or vaping.

The shape of the teeth are also important when choosing for a grinder. Most aluminum grinders use diamond shaped teeth which works the best. But there also are other grinders out in the market with a square shaped teeth which also works good.

Drop hole Patterns for Grinders

As you know by now most grinders have their own unique shapes from teeth, and also you can probably guess even hole drops. Remember hole drops are for herb to drop into the second compartment. Most well performed grinders have circular hole patterns. This allows a good amount of herb to fall through. We recommend circular ones.

Grinder Magnets

If you noticed some premium grinders available in the market right now have magnets to keep the lid connected to the second piece. This comes in handy when twisting the herb to grind the herb the lid sometimes falls off, this magnet prevents it from accidently being opened in the process of you grinding your herb. WE KNOW OUR HERB IS PRECIOUS, WE DON”T WANT LOOSE ANYTHING!

These types of Herb grinders with strong magnets are called neodymium magnets. Which is placed in two spots, one on the lid and one on the second piece.

Best Herbal Grinder with a Pollen Catcher

We highly believe you should check our herbal grinder guide which helps you differentiate us between many competitors. From Wood Grinders, Acrylic Grinders to Aluminum Grinders we wrote a step by step guide which tells the pros and cons from all the different grinder types. You will get a better understanding why aluminum grinders are the best rated grinders. You can purchase our grinder for less then $20, So its a great investment, but what do we know we are only the best grinder company ever!